Lifecycle of a donated book

Each book donated to Lilipad will follow a special little adventure. Here is an overview:

1. As a donor, you choose a book you loved when you were young.


2. You write down your name, your country and a message dedicated to the kid who will have a chance to read your book one day. You leave also a photo of you and your email address.


3. You contact Lilipad to find out where you can drop your book donation.


4. Once the project is ready to be executed, Lilipad ships your book to the dedicated school – for now, the books in English will go to Uganda and the books in French to Morocco.


5. Your book finds a new home in the freshly built Lilipad Little Library and is available to all the kids of the school.


6. Lilipad will then make sure to keep you updated with news and photos about the new life of your book and how it is possibly changing a kid’s little life.


So make sure to give a new life to your favorite stories, and donate books to Lilipad!

You can contact us by email:, or via the Facebook page:

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